Computer Science Students Win Conference's Best Paper Award

Headshots of Qi Li and Giuliano Sovernigo

From left: Qi Li, PhD student, and Guiliano Sovernigo, master's student in the School of Computer Science

PhD student Qi Li and master's student Giuliano Sovernigo in the School of Computer Science, alongside Dr. Xiaodong Lin and their collaborators, have won the Best Paper Award at the 24th Information Security Conference (ISC 2021) for their research on voiceprint template security, an important element of daily life with voiceprints widely used as personal identifiers. They present Voxstructor, a voiceprint-based voice constructor that can be used for bulk template reconstruction attacks. Their findings showed the high sensitivity of voiceprint template. Congratulations!

"Winning the Best Paper Award in a leading information security conference is one of the great honours in academia. I hope that our work in discovering the risks of voiceprint applications will encourage others to continue researching in this area. In the future, we will further explore the important issues related to audio forensics, security and privacy." -Qi Li, PhD student
"Thank you to the conference organizers, to the committee for recognizing our work, and to Qi and Dr. Lin for including me in this important research. I hope to see more research in voice reconstruction security in the future!" -Giuliano Sovernigo, master's student

Read the full paper.