An Engineering Graduate Student, Hannah May, Receives the Golder Scholarship

A graduate student in engineering, Hannah May, has received the Golder Scholarship for Indigenous Students in Water award from the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) in the amount of $2,000 CAD. 

"It’s a great honour to receive the 2022 Golder Scholarship for an Indigenous Student in Water from the CWRA.

My graduate studies have involved a lot of time outdoors in the watershed doing hands-on field work. I’m so grateful to have spent this time connecting with the land and curating my relationship to the water.

My research is focused on understanding how nutrients are partitioned between different parts of the water cycle in relation to seasonal weather events. This includes nutrient transfer between surface water, groundwater, sediments, and subsurface drainage. The hopes of this research are to contribute to our understanding of the water and nutrient cycle in agricultural watersheds. The transport pathways of nutrients are intrinsically linked with the water cycle, and consequently weather events such as precipitation and snowfall. As climate change is expected to alter the magnitude and timing of weather events, its crucial to develop a robust understanding of high-risk times and pathways of nutrient transport to avoid excessive nutrient loadings to our surface waters. Keeping a nutrient balance in headwater catchments is critical to the long-term longevity and productivity of the fresh water ecosystems of the Great Lakes," says Hannah May. 

To learn more about Hannah May, check out this link: Hannah May - Food from Thought

Congratulations, Hannah!