Undergraduate Programs in Physics

Physics Major and Co-op (B.Sc.)

Study the exotic aspects of the universe, such as black holes and subatomic particles, or be involved in the development of exciting modern devices such as particle accelerators and gamma-ray spectrometers. Acquire quantitative skills and logical thinking which are highly valued in many different careers. The Physics major gives you a fundamental education in modern theoretical and experimental physics, which can be further enhanced by taking more specialized courses in biological, chemical, and medical physics as well as nanoscience. The major builds upon nationally recognized expertise in teaching and research with many of our faculty members having received both national and international awards. The physics major provides you with excellent preparation for high-tech careers in industry, government and academia.

Sample Careers

  • Fibre optics and photonics researcher

  • Meteorologist/Climatologist

  • Forensic scientist

  • Nuclear energy specialist

Biological and Medical Physics Major and Co-op (B.Sc.)

Challenge yourself in an exciting and interdisciplinary science in which biological and medical problems are tackled using the techniques and concepts of physics. Many areas of biological physics have important implications for human health; examples include the probing of molecular structure in muscle by X-ray diffraction and the study of molecular dynamics in cell membranes by nuclear magnetic resonance. Medical physics will provide you the background for such advanced clinical tools as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CAT and PET scans, and many more. You will study courses such as Biophysics of Excitable Cells, Radioactivity and Radiation Interactions, Molecular Biophysics, and Clinical Applications of Physics in Medicine, providing an excellent education for careers in clinical research and in health services.

Sample Careers

  • Magnetic resonance imagine (MRI) specialist

  • CAT scan technician

  • Government laboratory researcher

  • Hospital clinical research scientist

  • Forensic scientist

Theoretical Physics Major (B.Sc.)

Immerse yourself in a more mathematically oriented approach to physics. In Theoretical Physics, you’ll take more mathematics courses than in the Physics major, gaining the mathematical skills needed to understand the fundamental basis of topics such as black holes, the internal quark structure of protons and neutrons, and the underpinnings of high-temperature super-conductivity. Courses such as Quantum Mechanics, Optics and Subatomic Physics will be balanced with the development of excellent problem solving and computing abilities that can be applied in a wide variety of careers.

Sample Careers

  • Cosmologist

  • Financial modelling consultant

  • Quantum computer researcher

  • Information technology specialist

Graduate Programs in Physics

  • MSc

  • PhD


  • Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics

  • Chemical Physics

  • Biophysics

  • Astrophysics & Gravitation

  • Subatomic Physics

  • Quantum Computing

  • Industrial and Applied Physics

  • Condensed Matter & Material Physics

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