Director, School of Computer Science

Associate/Full Professor in Cybersecurity


Instructional Support Coordinator

Sessional Lecturers

The School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph is looking for sessional lecturers in several courses.

We would like to particularly draw your attention to the open positions leading the following courses, all for the Fall 2018 teaching semester:

CIS*2030/Structure and Application of Microcomputers

This course examines the components of a computer system, including memories, CPU, buses, and input/output subsystems and interface hardware. Programming of these systems is studied, including instruction sets, addressing modes, assembly/machine language programming, development of algorithms for data acquisition, display, and process control.

CIS*2460/Modelling of Computer Systems

This course examines discrete simulation based on event queues and random number generation. Methods for generating input data, measuring and evaluating results using standard statistical tests are studied. Topics covered will include model calibration and validation, and algebraic, probabilistic and simple queuing models of software and hardware operation.

CIS*3260/Software Design IV

This course is a study of software architectures and system design methodologies. This will include advanced techniques for project management and experience evaluating software tools. The course has an applied focus and will involve software design and development experiences in teams, a literacy component, and the use of software development tools.

CIS*3750/Systems Analysis and Design in Applications

An introduction to the issues and techniques encountered in the design and construction of software systems. The theory and models of software evolution. Topics include requirements and specifications, prototyping, design principles, object-oriented analysis and design, standards, integration, risk analysis, testing and debugging.

The deadline for application is May 25, 2018. To apply please view the Sessional Work Appointments Page.