Internet Privacy Issues Highlighted In The Guelph Mercury

Posted on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Written by Dan Gillis

Assistant Professor Rozita Dara's research on internet privacy was featured in an article in the January 23rd edition of the Guelph Mercury; a few days in advance of Data Privacy Day. Dr. Dara has been studying various aspects of internet privacy including Transparency Enhancing Technology and bridging the gap between policy and technology since 2010. To celebrate Data Privacy Day, Rozita recommends:

  1. share your personal information with care,
  2. learn to manage your digital identity online,
  3. read the privacy policies,
  4. check the privacy settings, and
  5. review your browsers' cookies,

to help ensure that your personal information is as secure as possible. To read the Guelph Mercury article, click here.

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