Student Success At HackerNest Construct

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Written by Dan Gillis

Several students from the School of Computer Science registered and competed in the first HackerNest Construct Hackathon over the February 22nd/23rd weekend.

The hackathon brought together 190 members of the tech community (including 130 hackers, of which 60 were students) from Toronto and surrounding areas to work with next generation devices such as the Leap Motion, the MYO Armband, Kiwi Move (check out their blog post here), Ouya, the Raspberry Pi, and others. The goal - build something awesome. Of the 33 teams who started the competition, 17 made it to demo day.

The SoCS team - consisting of Chris Alderson, Trevor Baron, Oliver Cook, Timothy Engel, and Alex Pennells - were each awarded Leap Motions for their winning entry known as HeadBangers. The game allows a user to have a virtual head butt competition anywhere in Canada by linking the Yellow Pages API with Google Street View, all controlled with the Kiwi Move and the Raspberry Pi. Ultimately the team won for the most creative use of the Yellow Pages API; mixing different technologies in a fun, creative, and cohesive manner.

Organizers of the event noted that the SoCS team was impressive - powering through every obstacle they faced while staying sharp, pleasant, and funny. "They were stellar representatives of the UofG; you should be very proud" says event organizer Shaharris.

We are.

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