School of Computer Science Alumni Honours and Awards

The next Alumni Honours and Awards celebration will take place in 2023. Please stay tuned for more details. Below is information about each of the three award categories, as well as past recipients.

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence recognizes an individual for organization (company, foundation or association) for its support of the School of Computer Science. This award exemplifies accomplishments based on, but not limited to: volunteerism/participation/promotion in/of various events with the School of Computer Science, university governance, government support, financial assistance, fundraising efforts, hiring graduates and co-op students, and research collaboration. This award recognizes the important role that individuals and organizations in the community play in supporting the School of Computer Science.

Medal of Achievement

The Medal of Achievement is the highest honour awarded by the School of Computer Science and recognizes contributions to the community, education, business and industry so significant that they bring honour to their alma mater, fellow alumni and the University of Guelph. This award recognizes lifetime achievement or a sustained commitment to excellence. Nominees demonstrate both professional and volunteer contributions made on international, national, provincial and/or local levels, as well as demonstrated leadership in business, cultural activities and contributions to other organizations within our communities.

Young Alumnus/a of Honour

The Young Alumnus/a of Honour award recognizes a University of Guelph Computer Science graduate of the last 10 years. The award is presented to an individual who has distinguished him/herself in the profession, the community, the university and/or a related field. Nominees demonstrate significant professional and/or volunteer leadership since graduating from the university.

2023 award winners (please click here to read more about each 2023 honouree)

  • Award of Excellence: Adknown Inc.
  • Medal of Achievement: Liz Sandals, B.Sc. '69
  • Young Alumnus of Honour: Nic Durish, B.Comp '16, M.Sc. '20

Past Recipients

2021 award winners (please click here to read more about each 2021 honouree)

  • Young Alumna of Honour: Erica Pisani
  • Award of Excellence: Inc.
  • Medal of Achievement: Tim Bray

2019 award winners (please click here to read more about each 2019 honouree)

  • Young Alumnus of Honour: Dr. Jason Ernst
  • Award of Excellence: Sandbox Software Solutions
  • Medal of Achievement: Dr. Deb Stacey