SoCS Undergrads Win Ethical Tech Initiative

Congratulations to undergraduate students, Keefer Rourke and Alexander Parent, who have been named as the winners of Major League Hacking's (MLH) Ethical Tech Initiative. Keefer and Alexander, along with fellow teammate, Salem Abuammer from the Illinois Institute of Technology, were announced as top twenty finalists earlier in June. 

The MLH initiative, which included a quiz on ethics in technology, sought feedback from teams that submitted projects to any MLH sponsored hackathon during the previous hacking season. In particular, teams were asked to consider any potential consequences of their projects. From those who submitted, twenty teams were selected to move forward in the competition. The final stage involved drafting several short essays on ethics in tech. 

You can find the formal announcement celebrating the team's success here, and a PDF copy of Keefer's winning submission can be accessed here.

For their efforts, Keefer, Alexander, and Salem will receive $10,000 (USD) to attend a conference of their choosing. 

Congratulations to all.