This page helps managers, directors and chairs plan for the safe and gradual return of faculty and staff to U of G facilities. Those in roles that support planning for faculty and staff’s return (e.g., administrative assistants) may also find this page helpful.

U of G is planning for the safe return of faculty, staff and students to our campuses. Our plans will closely follow public health guidelines and government legislation, putting the health and safety of our community first.

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Planning Accountability

Planning Timeline

Bringing staff and faculty back to campus takes considerable planning and effort to ensure a safe return. Managers, directors and chairs can use the timeline below to help in developing their plans.

Timeline Planning
April 12 to May 21 Managers/directors/chairs (or designates) draft operational plans
May 4 Training: Leading Forward With Clarity and Compassion
May 21 to 28 Deans/AVPs review operational plans
May 21 to June 11 Managers/directors/chairs present plans to local Health and Safety Committee (or a group of appropriate employees) for comment
June 11 to 18 Managers/directors/chairs adjust plans based on feedback and provide to deans/AVPs for final approval
June 18 and beyond Managers/directors/chairs implement operational plans
By August 30 Front-facing staff who interact with students should be available on campus according to departmental operational plans to ensure students are receiving assistance as needed
By January 10 Operational plans should be fully implemented by the first day of classes.

Implementation of operational plans will be subject to provincial and public health regulations.

Planning Documents

Process Documents

Document Name Updated Document Overview
Process for Developing and Implementing a Return to Campuses Operational Plan May 7, 2021 Start your planning with this document. The process map shows the steps to follow in developing the operational plan.
Operational Plan Template November 25, 2021 Managers and directors can use this template to develop their operational plans. Deans/AVPs may provide direction on specific content/items to include.

Guiding Documents

Document Name Updated Document Overview
Return to Campus Staffing Framework November 25, 2021 Provides managers and directors with guiding principles for phased-in return to on-campus work.
Return to Campus Website Updated regularly The website contains general guidelines for safety on campus. Managers/directors should reference the Spaces and Practices pages as they develop their operational plans.
Return to Campus Resources July 15, 2021 A collection of safety and planning resources to support the development of operational plans.

Support from Physical Resources

The Physical Resources team is available to support managers and directors once a draft operational plan, including the Return to Campus Checklist, is complete.

All requests for assistance from Physical Resources must be sent by email to the Physical Resources Work Order Desk and include the following:

  • A copy of the completed Return to Campus Checklist
  • Specific details of the assistance requested
  • Relevant photographs of your space

Note: Please be patient as a higher than normal volume of requests may be received by Physical Resources during the return to campus period.

The COVID-19: Physical Resources Tools and Resources page of the PR website has information on ordering supplies, cleaning measures and building readiness.

Support from Environmental Health and Safety

This unit has created several EHS guiding documents to support a safe return to campus, including:

Email if you have questions or require guidance in working safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and require assistance in identifying and facilitating health and safety precautions and best practices for COVID-19 safety.

Support from Occupational Health and Wellness

OHW oversees disability management processes for those returning to work and will provide return to work guidance for all employees that are working on-site or remotely, following an absence due to COVID-19 related symptoms or illness. Please refer to the OHW COVID-19 Return to Work Process. OHW also provides advice and guidance on requests for medical accommodations for members of vulnerable populations and assists supervisors, faculty and staff with alternative PPE requests for those who are unable to wear a face covering.


Check the Learning and Development calendar for other training opportunities relating to leadership during COVID-19 and beyond.

COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Awareness Training


This module provides an overview of current COVID-19 information, outlines infection prevention guidelines to prevent transmission of COVID-19 at the University, reviews related health and safety measures at the University, and outlines the actions and expectations required of all individuals to stay safe. This training is mandatory for all those returning to campus.

Access Training

Leading Forward With Clarity and Compassion


This session provides managers with insights and strategies for helping employees feel supported, connected and ready to be productive upon their return to the workplace. Click the button below to contact HR Learning and Development for access to a recording of the May 4 training session.

Access Recording


Department Topic
Return to campus project manager Developing your operational plan
Environmental Health and Safety Working safely at a University workplace
Physical Resources Building readiness, signage, cleaning information
Computing and Communications Services Tech solutions for employees working remotely, on-campus or a combination of both
Human Resources For those managing staff: complex accommodation issues, addressing staff concerns or disputes, providing guidance on leave supports
Faculty and Academic Staff Relations For those supervising faculty and academic staff: complex accommodation issues, addressing concerns or disputes, providing guidance on leave supports
Occupational Health and Wellness For return-to-work guidance following an absence related to COVID-19 or if requesting a medical accommodation