Are there any services CPS does not provide?

CPS offers assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and consultation services for a range of mental health, behavioural, and learning difficulties, for children, adolescents and their families. However, there are some services we do not provide:

Emergency services:CPS is not a crisis or emergency facility. We operate during business hours only and are closed on all major holidays and when the University is closed. In the event of an emergency, call your family physician, 911, the Distress Centre or the Trellis crisis line at (519) 821-0140.

Family therapy: We do not provide family or couples therapy as the primary referring problem. We work extensively with families and couples in the course of serving our clients, but referrals must be for individuals until such time as we expand to offer family or group therapies. For family work we recommend the Couple & Family Therapy Center (519-824-4120 Ext 56335)

PDD services: We provide assessments and diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, PDD and developmental disorders, but for ongoing services, Trellis Developmental and Mental Health Services has a specialized team (PDD services) that provides wrap-around care for children, youths, and their families for free. (Trellis Intake services (519) 843-6191).

Stand-alone gifted screenings: If your query is about the possibility that a child is gifted, we can provide an abbreviated assessment. However we ask that parents refer for a full assessment, in case the initial testing is inconclusive or raises questions about possible underlying learning issues. We will reduce the fee if, in the first portion of the assessment, it becomes clear no additional testing is required beyond a cognitive & achievement test. However, the client must be prepared for the full assessment at the outset.

Preschool assessments: We offer parenting support for families with small children and can provide therapy for young children for a range of presenting concerns (e.g., trauma, separation issues, behavioural or adjustment difficulties)s, but we do not provide assessments for infants or preschoolers. TRELLIS provides preschool assessment services (519) 821-2060.

Addictions treatment: Treatment of addictions is referred to Community Addictions Services (CADS) (519) 836-5733.

Other assessments: We do not provide neuropsychological, custody & access, vocational, or Workmen’s Safety & Injury Board (Workman’s Compensation) assessments, or motor vehicle accident assessments for adults.