Frequently Asked Questions

How does CPS support ongoing research?

The Centre is also committed to supporting research of importance to the lives of children, families, and adults.  Clients are invited to contribute to training and research by permitting the involvement of graduate student clinicians or by indicating they would be interested in being contacted about future research studies.

What is meant by "TRAINING CENTRE"?

The Psychologists and Psychological Associates in the Centre for Psychological Services are actively involved in the teaching / training of graduate students in the Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis (CP:ADE) program in the Department of Psychology at the University of Guelph.  Highly skilled graduate students at an advanced level of training work closely with their supervisors in all aspects of clinical work. 

How long is the waiting list?

We know that when you call for psychological services, you need help now and do not want to wait, so we do everything all we can to serve you in a timely manner.  One-time consultations can usually be arranged within three weeks.  Psychotherapy or treatment services might require a wait of up to two months before being seen.  Assessments are more time consuming and take longer to complete, as such the waiting list for assessments is often three to six months.

Who provides psychological services?

CPS uses a team-based approach, which means that, although you may work directly with a graduate student, there is always a registered psychologist or psychological associate who supervises closely and is responsible for all aspects of your care.

For information about who provides services, see ABOUT US

Who pays for psychological services?

Services are paid by clients.  The services of registered psychological service providers are covered by most extended health benefit plans.  Because different insurers offer different coverage, you should find out, in advance, what your insurer offers and requires from you in order to access benefits.  Psychological services are not covered by OHIP.

Who does CPS accept as clients?

We work with children, adolescents and families from the Guelph-Wellington and surrounding community.

We work with children: In our work with children we recognize the need to include parents, siblings, and the other important people in children’s lives.  So we also work closely with schools and other agencies when appropriate.  

We work with parents: We support parents trying to understand and manage their children’s difficulties.  We understand that parenting can be very hard work, and we can help.

Are ther any services that CPS does not provide?

CPS offers assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and consultation services for a range of mental health, behavioural, and learning difficulties, for children, adolescents, young adults, and their families. However, there are some services we do not provide:

What about my privacy?

We understand that the concerns that lead you to seek psychological services are confidential and often very personal in nature.
We have details policies and procedures to ensure that your privacy will be protected in accordance with all applicable provincial and federal legislation

What is the In-Person Take Team (IPIT)?

The In-Person Intake Team (IPIT) consists of a group of both senior and junior clinical trainees, as well as a registered psychologist, and uses a team-based approach in order to expedite access to psychological services. The team conducts interviews at CPS with incoming therapy clients in order to assess their needs, and determine whether the CPS can provide the most appropriate therapy services. Two members of the team conduct interview, while the other trainees observe behind a one-way mirror.