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Best management practices for Agriculture - Should we harvest corn for biofuels?



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Check out our research examining how removing corn residue for biofuels affects microbial communities associated with the greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide.

Deanna Nemeth, Claudia Wagner-Riddle and Kari Dunfield.  2014.  Abundance and gene expression in nitrifier and denitrifier communities associated with a field scale spring thaw N2O flux event.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry.  73: 1-9.



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Inside the Root Microbiome - how plants and endophytes interact

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From our paper- Gaiero, McCall, Thompson, Day, Best, Dunfield.  2013.  Inside the Root microbiome:  bacterial root endophytes and growth promotion.  Am. J. Botany 100:1738-1750.


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