Travis Mazurek

My interest in environmental microbiology is rooted in understanding the roles of soil microbes in agriculture. I believe soil microbes are a key component in sustainable food production. In the future, I hope to communicate to farmers the importance of feeding the soil for healthy microbes and long-term crop resiliency.

The project I am working on is focused on the impacts cover crop diversity has on microbial diversity and abundance. More specifically, I am interested in whether these potential impacts affect root pathogen and/or antagonist communities. I use qPCR and amplicon sequencing to target total bacterial and fungal communities. I will also be using genus specific primers to target key root pathogens. And, although mass data and coding scares me, I look forward to learning how to use new bioinformatics tools.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports, practicing yoga, and cooking spicy foods.

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