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PDF icon Effects of 30 Years of Crop Rotation and Tillage on Bacterial and Archaeal Ammonia Oxidizers392.1 KB
PDF icon Effectsofdairymanuremanagementinannualandperennialcropping systemsonsoilmicrobialcommunitiesassociatedwithinsituN2Ofluxes37.91 KB
PDF icon Fungi from a non-native invasive plant increase its growth but have different growth effects on native plants521.4 KB
PDF icon Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Stored Dairy Slurry from Multiple Farms466.08 KB
PDF icon Improving plant biomass estimation in the field using partial least squares regression and ridge regression 785.39 KB
PDF icon Metagenomic Comparison of Antibiotic Resistance Genes Associated with Liquid and Dewatered Biosolids784.1 KB
PDF icon Micrometeorological measurements over 3 years reveal differences in N2O emissions between annual and perennial crops558.88 KB
PDF icon Residue management leading to higher field-scale N2O flux is associated with different soil bacterial nitrifier and denitrifier 1.03 MB
PDF icon Soil denitrifier community size changes with land use change to perennial bioenergy cropping systems751.5 KB
PDF icon Soil microbial communities as potential regulators of in situ N2O fluxes in annual and perennial cropping systems791.06 KB
PDF icon The establishment of apple orchards as temperate forest garden systems and their impact on indigenous bacterial and fungal popul397.02 KB
PDF icon The Extent of Manure Removal from Storages and Its Impact on Gaseous Emissions560.84 KB
PDF icon Tree-based intercropping: A land-use for greenhouse gas mitigation in Canadian agricultural systems 161.97 KB