Tolu Mafa-Attoye

My name is Tolu Mafa-Attoye, my research interest lies in assessing the impact of agricultural management practices on nitrogen (N) cycling soil microbial communities and the influence this may have on the production or consumption of nitrous oxide (N2O), a greenhouse gas (GHG), within different riparian land-use systems. I am also interested in understanding the link between plant functional traits and key microbial traits and how these relationships affect nitrogen-related ecosystem services in different riparian buffers and agricultural lands. To achieve these, I use molecular biology techniques to characterize functional genes of Ncycling microbial communities and determine their abundance, activity, and diversity within different riparian land-use systems. These data will be correlated with soil chemistry, N2O fluxes and plant functional traits to determine the influence of agricultural management practices within these systems. The results from these studies will provide scientific data which will be useful for future risk assessment of riparian buffers and enhance the establishment of effective riparian buffers within agricultural lands. The implementation of these best management practices (BMP) by farmers will improve soil health, water quality and mitigate N2O emission.

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