CSAHS Three Minute Thesis Competition

Date and Time


Macdonald Institute

Room 129


Your work,
Your research,
your passion,
in 180 seconds of brilliance.

It's time for the Three-Minute Thesis competition. Refine your thesis, distill your research down to 180 seconds, showcase your work, network and grow.

  • Refine – Perfect your elevator pitch. Refine the main ideas of your research making later writing much easier.
  • Distill – Take all your hard work and break it down to the essentials explaining the significance of your work to a non-specialist audience in just 3 minutes. This will give you new perspective on your thesis.
  • Showcase – Show the world the amazing research you have been doing and its impact.
  • Network – Get to know other graduate students, alumni, and industry partners who attend.
  • Grow – Develop public speaking and communication skills that are sought after by employers.

Register now for the University of Guelph 3MT competition.

The CSAHS College Heat happens on February 27th.
Winners go on to the University of Guelph final on April 3rd.

Up to $1000 to be won.

Register at the event link below.

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