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Power to the People? Salafism in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings

Francesco Cavatorta, professor of political science at Laval University, looks at the complexity of Salafi reactions to the Arab uprisings. Some Salafis chose to participate in democratic politics, while others refrained. Still others promoted violence to achieve their objectives. What explains the different choices that Salafis made, and what impact do those choices have today?
headshot of fayyaz baqir and a picture of his new book titled poverty alleviation and poverty of aid pakistan.

International (Dis)order and New Forms of Engagement

Guelph Institute of Development Studies speaker series presents: Fayyaz Baqir is a development practitioner from Pakistan with more than three decades of experience in managing grant programs to enhance local development. At present, he is a visiting professor at the University of Ottawa. He has written extensively about innovative participatory development practices and social entrepreneurship. In this talk, he will introduce his latest book Poverty Alleviation and Poverty of Aid: Pakistan.

Lunch and Learn: Indigenizing Curriculum

Presented by the Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence This lunch and learn session will feature Dr. Kim Anderson, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Relationships and Associate Professor in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition. Dr. Anderson will facilitate a safe space to discuss the benefits and challenges with incorporating Indigeneity into Canadian postsecondary curriculum.

Gringolandia: North-South Migration and Global Inequality

Dr. Matthew Hayes – Canada Research Chair in Global and International Studies at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick – will talk about his new book Gringolandia: Lifestyle Migration under Late Capitalism. This book analyzes the impact lifestyle migrants – relatively affluent migrants moving from the Global North to Global South – have had on Cuenca, Ecuador, the country’s third-largest city and UNESCO World Heritage Site.   Sponsored by the Social Cities Project

Into the Wind: Environmental Decision Making in the Face of Political Change

Into the Wind: Environmental Decision Making in the Face of Political Change Join authors of the book Tax is Not a Four Letter Word for a panel discussion and Q&A on how environmental programs and decision making are deeply affected by changes in government. Alex Himelfarb Former Clerk of the Privy Council (Canada) and Chair, World Wildlife Fund Jordan Himelfarb Politics Editor and Manager of Queen’s Park, Ottawa and Washington bureaus, Toronto Star

The Migration Crisis: A Panel Discussion

Join us for a panel discussion. Explore the nature of the migration crisis originating in Central America, capacity for response and the wider implications of the crisis on the political and social stability in the region. Speakers: Dr. Patricia Romero-Lankao, Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation - Hopper Lecture 2019 Speaker Dr. Lisa Kowalchuk, Department of Sociology and Anthropology Dr. Sally Humphries, Guelph Institute of Development Studies Dr. Stephen Henighan, School of Languages and Literatures

Local Action on Climate Change

Join us and special guests to discuss the role community action plays in addressing climate change. Guests: Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Lloyd Longfield, MP, Guelph Mike Schreiner, MPP, Guelph Cam Guthrie, Mayor, Guelph Panel discussion Q&A, and a sustainability tradeshow, featuring exhibits from community organizations, will help you decide how to take direct action on local climate change and community sustainability. Stay tuned for more details and an Eventbrite invitation.

Hopper Lecture: Sustainable Cities

Enhancing Sustainable Transitions Through an Understanding of Risk Urban areas play a key role in the transformations required to respond to climate and sustainability challenges. Urban planners, social and physical scientists, business leaders and others all play a part in this process. Prof. Romero-Lankao will discuss how climate and urbanization contribute to intra- and interurban inequalities in risk, and how urban areas shape risk.

Graduate Student Mental Health Conference

Join us for the second annual Graduate Student Mental Health Conference. This conference will address mental health concerns specific to graduate students.  The day will include talks by experts in mental health, resources to care for your own mental health, and opportunities for participants to present their own research. Lunch will be provided. Registration and abstract callout coming soon.   Contact for more information.

Lunch and Learn: Innovating Course Delivery

Innovating Course Delivery: Showcasing Blended Course Design Presented by the Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence This Lunch and Learn session will showcase the collaborative design, development, and blended delivery model of the first year Political Science course POLS*1150 Understanding Politics.

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