Canada Foundation for Innovation

Overview: Canada Foundation for Innovation

Tri-Council Research Funding & Deadlines

Tri-Council Deadlines 2017-18 (Tentative)

Deadline Type SSHRC Insight Development Grant (IDG) SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant (PEG) SSHRC Partnership Grant (PDG LOI) SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant (PEG) CIHR Project Grant  
NOI/Registration Nov. 6 2017 (to CSAHS)  

Research Opportunities: Foundation Sponsors

The College Research Office has prepared seperate department listings of potential foundations and agencies that have sponsored individual and group research initiatives from the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

Foundation Sponsors: All Disciplines

Max Bell Foundation: Supports innovative endeavours that impact public policies and practices with emphasis on health and wellness, education and the environment, for the purpose of improving Canadian society.

Foundation Sponsors: Sociology & Anthropology

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada: Funds policy research and informed discussions on Canada's relations with Asia (up to $20K).

Foundation Sponsors: Psychology

1. Mental Health & Disease Prevention:

Elton John Aids Foundation:

Supports HIV/AIDS prevention (education and harm reduction programs) and service programs in 55 countries around the globe.

Foundation Sponsors: Political Science

The following table lists potential organizations and agencies funding research activities in Political Science

Research Themes

As a means of better articulating the major cross-cutting inter/multi-disciplinary themes characterizing the research strengths of the College, a task force was established by the Dean to develop the College's Research Themes. Five inter/multi-disciplinary College Research Themes were identified during the process including (alphabetically):