Canada Foundation for Innovation

Overview: Canada Foundation for Innovation

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is a federally funded initiative designed to strengthen the capability of Canadian universities to carry out world class research and technology development through the provision of funds for research infrastructure. By investing in research infrastructure projects, the CFI supports research excellence and helps strengthen research training at institutions across Canada. The CFI funds up to 40% of a project's infrastructure costs. The funded institution works with its partners e.g. provincial governments and the private sector as well as its own resources to generate the remaining 60% required to complete these projects. Thus far, 30 research laboratories have received over $11 million in funding from CFI.

Overall, the CFI's programs are designed to strengthen Canada's capacity for innovation; attract and retain highly skilled research personnel in Canada; stimulate the training of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) through research; promote networking, collaboration, and multidisciplinarity among researchers, institutions and sectors; ensure the optimal use of research infrastructure within and among Canadian institutions.

Types of Funding Offered by CFI:
  1. Leaders Opportunity Fund (LOF) - Formerly New Opportunities Fund -  Research Infrastructure
  2. Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) (PDF file)
  3. Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Funded by CFI's Infrastructure Fund 
Other Helpful CFI Resources:
  1. Request for Use of CFI-IOF Allocation (Form) (PDF file)
  2. UoG Internal CFI application instructions and procedure

For more information on the CFI program, please visit their website: