Canada Research Chairs

CSAHS is the proud home of seven Canada Research Chairs (CRC). The CRC program is a federally funded initiative designed to enable Canadian universities to achieve the highest levels of research excellence, and become world-class research centres. Appointment of the Chairs is based on nominations from Canadian universities and a thorough assessment by the CRC Adjudication Committee.

The specific objectives of the Canada Research Chairs Program are to:

  • strengthen research excellence in Canada and increase Canada's research capacity by attracting and retaining excellent researchers in Canadian universities;
  • strengthen the training of highly qualified personnel through research;
  • improve universities' capacity for generating and applying new knowledge;
  • optimize the use of research resources through institutional strategic planning, and inter-institutional and inter-sectoral collaboration.

Tier I Chairs

Tier I Chairs are seven-year renewable appointments, targeted at experienced researchers who are acknowledged by their peers as world leaders in their own fields. The College's Tier I Chairs are:

Tier II Chairs

Tier II Chairs are five year appointments, renewable once, targeted at researchers who are acknowledged by their peers as having the potential to lead in their fields. The College's Tier II Chairs are:

Previous CRC holders:

  • Dr. Rob de Loe, CRC in "Water Management" (2001 - 2008) 

  • Dr. Serge Desmarais, CRC in "Applied and Social Psychology" (2002 - 2007)  Personal Webpage

  • Dr Barry Smit, "CRC in Global Environmental Change" Effective May 1, 2003  Personal Webpage


For more information on the CRC program, please visit the Canada Research Chairs website.