Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) provides infrastructure support to the Canada Research Chairs Program.

Current CRC Holders:

Dr. Aaron Berg (Department of Geography) for "Remote Sending for Advances in Terrestrial Hydrological Modelling".

Dr. Myrna Dawson (Department of Sociology & Anthropology) for "Public Policy in Criminal Research Infrastructure".

Dr. Linda Parker (Department of Psychology) for "Research infrastructure for Behavioural Neuroscience"

Dr. Carla Rice (Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition) for "Re-visioning Differences Media Arts Laboratory (REDLAB)"

Dr. Barbara Morrongiello (Department of Psychology) for Establishing a Virtual Reality Laboratory To Study Risk Factors for Child-pedestrian Injury and 'Best Practices' for Prevention


Former CRC Holders:

Dr. Rob de Loë (Department of Geography) (2001 - 2008) for an "Advanced Spatial Analysis Laboratory" to support research into rural water management.

Dr. Serge Desmarais (Department of Psychology) (2002 - 2007) for a "Work and Social Justice Research Laboratory".

Dr. Barry Smit (Department of Geography) for a "Global Change Modeling and Analysis Research Laboratory".

For more information on the Canada Research Chairs program, please visit the CRC website.