Foundation Sponsors: Geography

International focus:

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada:

Funds policy research and informed discussions on Canada's relations with Asia (up to $20K).

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation:

Supports international issues, including human rights and international justice, peace and security, conservation and sustainable development, higher education, migration, and population and reproductive health. MacArthur grantees work in 65 countries, and the Foundation has offices in India, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia.

Carnegie Corporation of New York:

Carnegie Corporation does not make grants for construction or maintenance of facilities or endowments. The Corporation does not generally make grants to individuals except through the Carnegie Scholars Program, that supports the work of select scholars and experts conducting research in the foundation's fields of interest. Program areas: Education, international peace and security; international development; etc.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.:

Support a variety of charitable projects in the U.S. and abroad seeking to expand knowledge, clarify values and critical choices, nurture creative expression, and shape public policy.The Rockefeller Brothers Fund's (RBF) grantmaking is organized around three themes:  Democratic Practice, Sustainable Development, and Peace and Security. Grants are primarily awarded at the Fund's three annual board meetings (March, June, and November). Grants under $100,000 may be awarded throughout the year depending on budget capacity.


Human-Environmental interaction:

Ivey Foundation, Toronto

The primary goals of the Foundation's Conserving Canada's Forests program are twofold: 1. Increasing the amount of protected forest ecosystem in Canada; 2. Expanding the adoption of sustainable forest practices in Canada. The Foundation has identified three primary areas to achieve its program goals: Policy and Law, Applied Science and Markets. The Ivey Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for the Director-Initiated or Strategic Opportunities Programs.

Salamander Foundation, Toronto:

The Foundation seeks to promote continuity and discovery in the arts and in culture, and to recognize the forms, functions and interactions of natural systems in the environment.

Shell Canada Ltd.:

The Shell Environmental Fund (SEF) provides financial support for grass-roots, action-oriented projects that improve and protect the Canadian environment.

Catherine Donnelly Foundation:

Primarily interested in: housing initiatives, adult education advancement initiatives, and environmental enhancement initiatives.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation: 

The Hewlett Foundation concentrates its grantmaking around its core program areas: education, environment, global development, performing arts, philanthropy, and population. In addition, the Foundation makes grants to support disadvantaged communities in the Bay Area.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation:

Core grantmaking programs:conservation and science program; population and reproductive health program; children, families, and communities program. Other areas of funding: local grantmaking program; organizational effectiveness and philanthropy funds.


Environmental Technology, Innovation & Developments:

EnCana Corporation:

EnCana supports the development of new environmental technologies that can benefit our company, the energy sector and our stakeholders. The Fund supports innovation in the following areas: Reduction of air emissions, operational waste and our physical footprint; Conservation and recycling of water, energy and materials; Protection and reclamation of groundwater, land and habitat; and Development of new, renewable energy technologies. Some projects target improvements in the oil and gas industry. Others are more broadly-based energy-related improvements. Some ideas focus on the production stage of energy development; others support consumer-based solutions.

Suncor Energy:

Suncor's funding priorities reflect our commitment to be a sustainable energy company. Suncor invests in initiatives that strengthen the communities in which we operate. Suncor is investing in new technology and processes to reduce our impact on air, water and land. To further our commitment to environmental responsibility, we invest in projects that minimize environmental impacts, generate awareness for environmental issues, strengthen the performance and impact of environmental organizations.

Imperial Oil:

University research awards are designed to encourage research in the areas of engineering, environmental, earth, chemical, and physical sciences.

Carthy Foundation:

The foundation only provides grants for project support with a maximum granting period of 5 years. These may include,experimental and demonstration projects, applied research that supports innovative policies and practices, and initiatives that add significantly and strategically to the national knowledge base.


Water-related research: 

Harbinger Foundation Toronto:

Current granting strategy:Capacity Building for Canadian NGOs; Leadership development/Capacity building for Canadian NGOs focusing on water issues that are national in scope; International Water and Sanitation Projects; Water for Life – Celebrate Water.

Walter and Duncan GORDON Foundation:

The Canadian North Program is for projects in Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. It focuses on modern treaties and governance, sustainable northern communities, and emerging leaders. The Fresh Water Resources Protection Program is Canada-wide, and focuses on protecting groundwater and reducing demand for water.