Leaders Opportunity Fund

The Leaders Opportunity Fund (LOF) builds on the New Opportunities Fund and Canada Research Chair Infrastructure Fund. The LOF was designed to assist Canadian universities attract and retain exceptional researchers. The program offers universities the opportunity to:
  • Acquire infrastructure for their leading research faculty to undertake cutting-edge research and
  • Create competitive packages of research support infrastructure, direct research costs, and operating funds.

LOF projects include:

Dr. Naseem Al-Aidroos (Department of Psychology) for an "Attention laboratory for high temporal resolution behavioural, eye movement, and electrophysiological recording"

Dr. Heidi Bailey (Department of Psychology) for infrastructure to study "The Impact of Maternal History of Maltreatment on the Mother-Child Attachment Relationship and Childrens Socio-Emotional Development".

Dr. Paula Barata (Department of Psychology) for "Women’s Health and Wellbeing: Social Psychology Research Suite"

Dr. Aaron Berg (Department of Geography) for infrastructure to study the "Soil Moisture Observation (SMO) Networks and Computer Facility Hydrologic Model Development, Data Assimilation, and Satellite Calibration"

Dr. Andrea Buchholz (Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition) for a "Body Composition and Energy Metabolism (BCEM) Laboratory"

Dr. Elena Choleris (Department of Psychology) for infrastructure to study the "Neurobiology of Social Learning in Mice and Rats"

Dr. Jaclyn Cockburn (Department of Geography) for "Infrastructure for the characterization and analyses of sedimentary processes"

Dr. Myrna Dawson (Department of Sociology and Anthropology) for infrastructure to study the "Social and Legal Responses to Violence in Canada"

Dr. Mark Fenske (Department of Psychology) for "A Centre for Cognitive-Affective Neuroscience"

Dr. Ze'ev Gedalof (Department of Geography) for a "Development of a Paleoecology/ Paleoclimatology Laboratory"

Dr. Jess Haines (Department of Family Relations and Applies Nutrition) for establishing a laboratory to study "The Influence of Parent-Child Feeding Interactions on Children's Dietary Intake and Weight Outcomes"

Tuuli Kukkonen (Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition) for an "Infrastructure for the establishment of the laboratory for the Thermographic Investigation of Sexual Health (TISH)"

Dr. Francesco Leri (Department of Psychology) for an "Infrastructure to Support Drug Motivated Behaviour in Rats"

Dr. Stephen Lewis (Department of Psychology) for  infrastructure to study the"Innovations and Advances in Youth Mental Health"

Dr. Margaret Lumley (Department of Psychology) for infrastructure to study the "Challenging Depression in Canadian Youth: Building Mobile, Online, and Interactive Assessment and Intervention Tools"

Meghan McMurtry (Department of Psychology) for a "Pediatric Pain, Health, and Communication Laboratory"

Dr. Dan Meegan (Department of Psychology) for a "Neuromotor Rehabilitation Research Facility"

Dr. Saba Safdar (Department of Psychology) for infrastructure to support "Studies on Cultural, Academic, and Psychological Adaptation of International Student"

Dr. David Stanley and Dr. Harjinder Gill (Department of Psychology) for a "Centre for Organizational Studies"

Dr. Olga Sutherland (Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition) for a "Therapeutic Interaction Research Lab"

Dr. Lana Trick (Department of Psychology) for a "Driving Simulator" and "Drive Lab 2.0"

Dr. Boyer Winters (Department of Psychology) for an "Infrastructure to Study the Neural Bases of Memory in Rodents"

Dr. Wanhong Yang (Department of Geography) for a "GIS Modeling Laboratory for Agricultural Conservation Management"