Networks of Centres of Excellence

The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) are unique partnerships among universities, industry, government and non-governmental organizations aimed at turning Canadian research and entrepreneurial talent into economic and social benefits for all Canadians. An integral part of the federal government's Innovation Strategy, these nation-wide, multidisciplinary and multisectorial research partnerships connect excellent research with industrial know-how and strategic investment.

College faculty are currently involved in three NCEs:


ArcticNet is a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada that brings together scientists and managers in the natural, human health and social sciences with their partners in Inuit organizations, northern communities, federal and provincial agencies and the private sector to study the impacts of climate change in the coastal Canadian Arctic. Over 90 ArcticNet researchers from 23 Canadian universities and 5 Federal departments collaborate with research teams in the USA, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Greenland and France. CSAHS researchers involved in this network include: Dr.Barry Smit on a project entitled "Reducing Human Vulnerability to Environmental Changes in the Canadian Arctic".


The AUTO21 Network supports an extensive and integrated research program that examines issues like the effects of anti-social driving behaviour such as road rage and impaired driving on society, the health and safety of autoworkers on the job, new ways of helping the Canadian labour force to be more competitive, and new manufacturing processes and materials for future automobiles. CSAHS researchers involved in this Network include: Dr. Lana Trick on a project entitled "Canadian Automobile Research Simulation (CARS)". 

The Canadian Water Network

This Network seeks to ensure Canada's pre-eminent role in the management and sustainable use of water resources; in order to: preserve access to clean water; to protect the health of Canada's people and ecosystems; and to support the Canadian economy. The focus is on seven key research areas: Policy and Governance; Water Resources Management; Water and Public Health; Safe Drinking Water; Wastewater Management; Infrastructure; and Groundwater and Sediment Protection. CSAHS researchers involved in this Network include: Dr. Reid Kreutzwizer, Dr. John Smithers, and Dr. Wanhong Yang.