Tri-Council Research Funding & Deadlines

Tri-Council Deadlines 2018-19

Deadline   SSHRC (IDG)  


SSHRC (PEG)     CIHR Project Grant
NOI/Registration   Nov. 5 2018 (to CSAHS)   N/A N/A     Feb 6. 2019
CSAHS Peer Reviews   Dec. 17 2018   N/A

    Feb. 4 2019

    Feb 6. 2019
CSAHS   Jan. 18 2019   Jan. 18 2019    Mar 1. 2019     Feb 21. 2019
Office of Research   Jan. 28 2019   Jan. 25 2019   Mar 8. 2019     Feb 27. 2019

The table above indicates all deadlines for the major Tri-Council funding sponsors, including deadlines for: Notice of Intent (NOI)/Registration, College Peer Reviews, College deadlines, and Office of Research deadlines. Please be advised that this calendar is updated regularly. To reference past Tri-Council Deadlines, visit our 2017-18 Tri-Council Deadlines Reference page.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Need assistance preparing your budget? Have a look through our FAQ pages, which contains answers related to student salaries fees, information on Tri-Council funding, research costs (eligible, Ineligible, and Indirect), charities, and open access journals. 


Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide

The Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide was recently revised to reflect the participation of all three granting Agencies (the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada [NSERC], the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada [SSHRC] and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research [CIHR]). Changes made to this year’s guide supersede the last version (2016) of the guide and take effect on July 31, 2017, with the Summary of Changes now made available. Unless otherwise indicated, these policies and requirements apply to all three Agencies. Any exceptions to these will be indicated in the program description of the respective Agency.

The agencies are aiming to simplify and modernize the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide further to create a ‘principles-based’ guide that is expected to be in place by late Spring 2018.


Other Resources:

Open Access Journals

The Library maintains an Open Journal System, a platform which maintains, stores, and automates the publishing process for online, open access journals. The University of Guelph Library currently hosts fifteen open access journals through our Open Journal System.

Note: Different option for publishing Open Access journals exist, and not all of them require researchers to pay fees. One option, known as Green OA, allows authors to post-print to an institutional repository such as the University of Guelph's Atrium. The second option, known as the Gold OA, publishes the final typeset and copyedited version of a journal article immediately in an Open Access Journal (Taylor & Francis Open Access Options)


Funding Opportunities through Research Foundation and Agencies

The College Research Office has prepared seperate discipline-based listings of potential foundations and agencies that have sponsored individual and group research initiatives from the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Please find the following lists below, organized by department. 

For more information regarding foundations sponsoring research initiatives, please contact the Administrative Assistant.