Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Progress Report


With the arrival of Dean Chapman in February of 2016, CSAHS embarked on building an ambitious strategic plan that would guide decision-making and orient the direction of the College for future growth and vitality.

Through numerous engagements, collective visioning, and planning sessions, the strategic vision emerged with a focus on three key goals:

  1. To be a leader in disciplinary, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and engaged teaching and research that contributes to meaningful change in our communities and our world.
  2. To make visible and compelling the quality, value and societal impact of our teaching, research, and engagement for prospective and current students, the University of Guelph community, alumni, and the general public.
  3. To provide a healthy, productive, and diverse work and learning environment that fosters the ability of students, staff, faculty, and alumni to thrive and succeed.

This plan is ambitious, challenging, and insightful. It puts theory into action, pushing our programs and scholarly work beyond the confines of disciplinary boundaries, delivering a richer and fuller experience for our learners, while contributing to an emerging body of inter-, multi-, and trans-disciplinary scholarship.