Welcome to Strategic Planning in the College of Social & Applied Human Sciences!

A Message from CSAHS Dean, Dr. Gwen Chapman
Fall has turned into winter and we are starting to see the change in seasons – crisp mornings, chilly nights, fall colours starting to fade and the snowflakes are appearing. It feels like there is a ‘change in seasons’ happening at the University of Guelph too.
With a new Strategic Renewal Framework in place for the university and my own recent arrival to the College, it is time for planning and renewal in CSAHS strategic direction as well. One of the key priorities for me this year is to develop a framework to guide decision-making within the College for the next five years and beyond.
Through the last few month of conversations, I have observed a strong sense of pride in the work done in the College – our leadership in community engagement and experiential learning, our use of innovative approaches to research and teaching that address complex issues facing society in areas such as the environment, health, food, communities, and law and justice, and our desire to be a place where students, staff and faculty thrive. There has also been a sense that we have not yet realized all of our potential, and that we can and should be taking action to focus our efforts and enhance our reach and recognition in key areas.
We strive to give all members of the CSAHS community the opportunity to help define where we will focus our efforts and what types of actions we should take. Following this community input, the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee will be holding a one-day retreat in early December to reflect on what we have heard and identify key components of the planning document. We will have a draft plan to discuss with Dean’s Council early in 2017, and to circulate to the College for feedback in late winter or early spring.

I am excited to continue to engage with the College community over the coming months as we plan our future together. 

Please do not hesitate to connect with me if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Gwen