Student Accessibility Services (formerly Centre for Students with Disabilities)

Learning Disabilities: Experience to Understanding (PSYC*1300)

Learning Disabilities: Experience to Understanding is a credit course offered through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) for students diagnosed with a specific learning disability. Offered since 1999, this course is highly recommended by students who have taken it in the past.

This special course is designed to provide students with an understanding and acceptance of their learning needs.  It aims to help students become more self-directed, active and successful learners. 

Lectures introduce students to central issues in the area of LD and provide an opportunity for discussion, question asking and group sharing.  A variety of modules are offered to assist students in applying and practicing strategies to aid in their understanding of their specific learning needs.

Watch for the application form for the fall of 2016 to be posted in early summer 2016. 

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