Student Accessibility Services (formerly Centre for Students with Disabilities)

How to Access your CSA or GSA Benefit Plan

As a student at the U of G you may be eligible under the Supplemental Health Care portion of your Student Health Plan for benefits to help fund the cost of a psycho-educational assessment (completed by a registered psychologist or registered psychological associate).

What do I need to do?

1. Get a referral

Meet with the LD Specialist at SAS to get a referral to a psychologist.  She will discuss various funding options with you, including the Student Benefit Plan and help you start the process. 

2. Obtain a prescription

Obtain a prescription for the services of a psychologist.  Take the letter provided by the LD Specialist to either your family physician; -or- Dr. Caldwell at Student Health Services in the John T. Powell building.  The prescription MUST be obtained prior to beginning the assessment.

Physicians cannot back date a prescription.  Keep the prescription in a safe place until after the assessment has been completed.

3. Undertake the assessment

Undertake the assessment.  Pay the psychologist for the assessment and get a receipt that says "paid in full".

4. Submit your claim

Submit your claim form to your Student Benefit's Plan.  Attach a copy of the receipt along with your prescription.

Copies of the claim forms are available at the CSA/GSA Student Benefits Office, level 1 U.C.


Can I co-ordinate benefits with another plan?

If you have coverage under another plan (parent or spouse) you may be able to co-ordinate benefits between both plans.  In this case, submit your claim to the Student Benefit Plan first, and then to the other plan as directed by your Health Care Provider.

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