In a Word, Guelph Posters

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Banner. In a Word, Guelph. January 2015


Our poster campaign reflects the diversity and inclusiveness of the University of Guelph community. 

Our theme is “In a Word, Guelph” and promotes the positive and inclusive language that comes to mind when we think of the word “Guelph.”

Creating a campus where all people are treated with respect and can reach their full potential is an ongoing journey. All of us are responsible for stimulating and advancing that journey. 

If you would like copies of our poster(s) to post in your campus community, please contact us at x53000 or send an email to

 Appreciate Others


Gender. Inclusvie


Embrace Differences


Gryphon. Keeper of Knowledge

Person first

Positive Speech

Unique. We all contribute.

Heritage. Celebrate your story.