Course Registration

Students sit in classroom.

Course Selection occurs at specific periods of time during each semester. Dates can be found in the Schedule of Dates located in Section III of the Diploma Program Calendar. This is the times when you can add courses to your schedule using WebAdvisor.

Knowing your Diploma Requirements

To determine what courses you need in any upcoming semester, you need to first do some planning. Use your Diploma Program Calendar and your Program/Academic Evaluation from WebAdvisor to sketch out an overall plan.

Make sure you are using the Diploma Program Calendar from the year you started in the program.

Your Program/Academic Evaluation is a personalized up-to-date list of all the courses you have taken, are currently taking, and are registered to take in the next semester and the courses/requirements you still need to complete. It is based on the Diploma Program Calendar that you are following and can be found by logging into WebAdvisor - it is listed in the menu on the right hand side of the screen.

More information on adding and dropping courses can be found by clicking on the "Adding Courses" and "Dropping Courses" links on the right side menu.

Using WebAdvisor

Before the Course Selection period, Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services, sends each student an email to outline the Course Selection process. This email includes information about your academic program, class level, and the assigned “window” of time to register. You can also find out when your Course Selection window opens by clicking "Course Selection Windows" on WebAdvisor. Your specific window is determined by the last two digits of your class level and your University of Guelph ID number. Your class level is determined by the number of credits you have completed or are completing.  

While waiting for your Course Selection window to open, you can plan by logging into WebAdvisor and searching for classes to find course offerings and available time slots to help determine a potential class schedule.