Engineering Back to Campus FAQ


Are you planning on returning to campus?

All students, staff, faculty and visitors who need to come to campus must follow the practices on the U of G’s Return to Campuses website before coming to any University of Guelph location. The School of Engineering encourages everyone visiting the complex to adhere to all public health protocols. Non-compliance may result in removal of access to Engineering spaces and labs, or other consequences as outlined in the COVID Conduct Compliance Strategy document found on the Student Affairs Policies web page.

Remember to Complete the U of G COVID-19 Screening Form every day

U of G’s new COVID-19 Screening Form is an important tool that helps keep our community safe. Every day, before you come to campus or any U of G location for any reason, you must complete the screening form. The Qualtrics-based form connects you to the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 assessment tool and then provides you with directions and next steps depending on your results (e.g., stay home and contact your manager, or clearance to come to campus). Full terms and conditions for the form are available online.

You can access the U of G COVID-19 Screening Form:

All students, staff, faculty and visitors must be fully vaccinated and follow the steps on the U of G’s Return to Campuses website before coming to any University of Guelph location.

External visitors to the Engineering building are required to complete the COVID-19 screening form upon each visit. Any SOE faculty/staff inviting external visitors are responsible for escorting visitors into the building, ensuring they adhere to all COVID protocols, and all related arrangements.


If you come to the SOE, you must:

  • Follow the signage for entrance, exit, and space capacity
  • Wear a face covering and practice physical distancing
  • Sanitize your hands before and after using any shared computers or equipment


Some computer rooms are available for in-person access and others are restricted to remote access only. Please visit the Engineering IT web page for more information.

Engineering program counsellors have appointments available via phone, Microsoft Teams, or in-person. Please visit the program counselling webpage for more details.

We are aiming to grant graduate office access to all students that require it while maintaining physical distancing. More information will be communicated in September 2021.

Yes. If you want a new locker please contact the Guelph Engineering Society for more details. If you currently have a locker you can use it along with your building access.

  • Students will not be able to use the Machine Shop; instead, the machinists will machine their parts for them:
  • In-person access to the machine shop will be phased in over the course of the fall semester for use by undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Students who are enrolled in a course with face-to-face labs will be admitted to the labs as per the course instructor’s directions
  • Student clubs can resume their activities provided that they can be done safely, a club representative will need to submit an SOE Club Activity Resumption Request Form. This form is being developed and when ready, will be available on the safety webpage.
  • Students enrolled in ENGG*41xx can work in the labs but will need to submit both an Undergrad Lab Work Request Form and a Lab Access Form.
    • The Undergrad Lab Work Request Form will be available on the safety webpage (still being developed).
    • Once approved, the student will need to submit a Lab Access Form as normal. This form is also found on the safety webpage

SOE common and study areas are open with limited capacity. Please practice physical distancing. Food and drinks are not permitted in common areas at this time.

No food or drink

Please email