Engineering Remote Lab

The Engineering Remote Lab is a web application that students can use to remotely access workstations in the School of Engineering. On this page you will find instructions for:

Instructions for Access

  1. First, ensure you have a Microsoft Remote Desktop client installed on your computer:
  2. Connect to the University of Guelph VPN service and use the Split Tunnel option when prompted
  3. Visit in your browser
  4. Enter your University of Guelph credentials and click Login:

  5. Click on a computer lab in the menu on the left side
  6. Click on an available workstation from the lab display

  7. Open the RDP file that downloaded in your local RDP client

    If you are using Chrome, open the downloaded RDP file from the bottom download bar:

    On Firefox, you will be prompted to open the file. Select to open with Remote Desktop Connection and click OK:

  8. The remote workstation should open full-screen. You can login with your UofG credentials and start using the workstation as per normal.

Copying Files To/From the Remote Workstation (Windows)

If you are on Windows, your local drives will be mapped automatically to your remote workstation. You can find them by opening Windows Explorer (hold  and press e) and then browsing to “This PC”. The mapped drives will show under “Redirected Drives and Folders”:

You can also map your SOE Home drive to your local computer and use that to copy files back and forth:

Mapping SOE Undergraduate Home Drives on Windows 10 (PDF)


Copying Files To/From the Remote Workstation (Mac)

For Mac users, we recommend mapping your SOE Home Drive (H drive) to your local computers and using that to copy files back and forth from the remote lab computers.

Click here for instructions to map your undergraduate SOE Home Drive to your Mac computer (PDF).