Our Alumni

MA Leadership Alumni

Link to YouTube video with Chris Bullen

Flexible curriculum

Our MA Leadership program is challenging, but it is designed to fit into your busy schedule even if you work full time and have important commitments on the home front.

Link to YouTube video featuring Elaine Shantz

Creating leaders, making a difference

Great leadership can take on many different forms and Guelph's MA Leadership will help you recognize what kind of leader you are meant to be.

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A transformational experience

Transform your ability to lead in the workplace by engaging in self-discovery and learning from the diverse group of professionals in your cohort. 


MBA Alumni 

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Changing perspectives on management

The Guelph MBA program will encourage you to build awareness of your management style and learn how to strengthen your management skills.

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Flexibility and integration

Pursuing an MBA while working full time is challenging to say the least, but the flexibility of the Guelph MBA allows you to integrate it into your busy schedule. 

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Cohort experience and community

Being an MBA student at the University of Guelph means you are part of a supportive community of professionals and faculty. Join us.

If you require a transcript for any of these videos, please contact Scott Carter (scarte09@uoguelph.ca).