Co-curricular Experiential Learning Categories

Below are the seven categories of co-curricular experiential learning at the University of Guelph. This listing includes definitions for each category, along with related examples of current opportunities at the University of Guelph.

For a more comprehensive overview, you can also download the full Co-curricular Experiential Learning Typology or the Co-curricular Experiential Learning categories infographic.

If you are unsure of how to categorize your opportunity, download the Co-curricular Experiential Learning categorization flowchart. 

Community Engagement 

A mutually beneficial program intentionally designed to engage students in exploring, in depth, a societal issue or theme in a community, while supporting the mission of a community organization.

Example: Project Serve Reading Week 


A program that allows students to leverage resources, space, mentorship and funding to engage in the early-stage development of start-ups and/or to advance external ideas that address real-world needs.

Example: The Hub Incubator

On-campus Student Employment 

An employment opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students that has structured learning outcomes and employability skills aligned with job responsibilities.

Example: Orientation Facilitators

Paraprofessional Placement 

A placement under the mentorship of professional staff and faculty, designed to provide services that contribute to the campus community while facilitating the development of employability skills.

Example: Peer Helper Program 

Work Study 

A part-time employment program on campus for students with demonstrated financial need, whereby students undertake a job search process and gain employability skills while meeting their educational costs.

Example: Student Life Interns

Experience Profiles

  • Phoebe started off her university journey by signing up for an experiential first year seminar. She went on to do an Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA), multiple project serve reading week programs and was a peer helper with the Wellness Education Centre.