Co-curricular Experiential Learning Categories

Below are the seven categories of co-curricular experiential learning at the University of Guelph. This listing includes definitions for each category, along with related examples of current opportunities at the University of Guelph.

For a more comprehensive overview, you can also download the full Co-curricular Experiential Learning Typology or the Co-curricular Experiential Learning categories infographic.

If you are unsure of how to categorize your opportunity, download the Co-curricular Experiential Learning categorization flowchart. 

Community Engagement 

A mutually beneficial program intentionally designed to engage students in exploring, in depth, a societal issue or theme in a community, while supporting the mission of a community organization.

Example: Project Serve Reading Week 


A program that allows students to leverage resources, space, mentorship and funding to engage in the early-stage development of start-ups and/or to advance external ideas that address real-world needs.

Example: The Hub Incubator

On-campus Student Employment 

An employment opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students that has structured learning outcomes and employability skills aligned with job responsibilities.

Example: Orientation Facilitators

Paraprofessional Placement 

A placement under the mentorship of professional staff and faculty, designed to provide services that contribute to the campus community while facilitating the development of employability skills.

Example: Peer Helper Program 

Work Study 

A part-time employment program on campus for students with demonstrated financial need, whereby students undertake a job search process and gain employability skills while meeting their educational costs.

Example: Student Life Interns

Experience Profiles

  • Sharon recently finished her degree in European Studies. She was engaged in applied research, community engaged learning courses and did a practicum in Europe. Additionally, Sharon also worked on campus as a student staff.