Experiential Learning Advisory Committee

The Experiential Learning Advisory Committee, co-chaired by the Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs), will provide advisement on the evaluation of experiential education programming at Guelph, strategies for addressing gaps and areas for enrichment, the assessment of outcomes, and opportunities for collaboration within and outside of the University.

Considering trends and best practices, the Committee will:

  1. Define the continuum of experiential learning.
  2. Review the present opportunities and infrastructure supporting experiential learning and make recommendations for ways to improve co-ordination and collaboration.
  3. Undertake a gap analysis of Guelph’s present programs and make recommendations for change where appropriate.
  4. Develop an assessment and monitoring plan and provide oversight in the strategy's implementation, sustainability, evaluation processes, and timelines.


Advisory Committee Membership:

  • Associate Vice-President (Academic).
  • Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs).
  • Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs).
  • Representative from each of the colleges.
  • Representative from Guelph-Humber.
  • Representative from Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.
  • Representative from Co-operative Education & Career Services.
  • Representative from Student Life.
  • Director, Academic Programs and Policies.
  • Special Advisor on Experiential Learning.
  • Student.
  • Two student representatives (Central Student Association and the Graduate Students’ Association).

Experience Profiles

  • Bhavya is a highly engaged student at the University of Guelph. She has been a peer helper, and worked on campus as student staff, and through the work study program. In addition to this, she has also engaged in applied research in the curriculum.

  • Bayli graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in accounting. While she was here she engaged in multiple applied research projects, and worked as a teaching assistant, which helped her make important connections with people across campus.