Information and Resources for Current Work Study Supervisors


Thank you for dedicating your time to student workplace learning through the campus Work Study program!

For information on how to use the Experience Guelph system for Work Study hiring, please download our Work Study and Experience Guelph Information Sheet Fall 2018 (PDF).

For questions about experiential learning, proposing a new Work Study position, or the Experience Guelph system contact Daniel Poulin, EL Specialist: or 519-824-4120 x58551.

For information about Work Study guidelines, please download the Work Study Participant Agreement and Work Study Policies and Procedures.

For questions about Work Study guidelines, study eligibility, reimbursements, or confirmations of employment contact the Student Awards Office:

Questions and Answers

How do I log into Experience Guelph?

  • Visit the Employer Login page for Experience Guelph.
  • Note: Your login account is different than Single Sign-On.
    • Username: Your full e-mail address.
    • Password: If you have not yet logged in, search your inbox for a mesage from titled "Important - Your Work Study Login Information". If you have logged in, use the password you set-up.

When will my Work Study job be posted for students to view?

  • August 20 for postings migrated by July 7 that indicated Fall recruitment need. If your position is live, you will have received an e-mail from Daniel Poulin with your login details. There are a handful of postings that met the July 7 deadline with some issues we are clearing up.
  • August 21 - 25 for postings migrated after July 7 that indicated Fall recruitment need. We are processing them in the order they were submitted with a goal of having them live by Thursday, August 23.
  • If you indicated you were not hiring for the Fall, regardless of when you submitted through the migration form, your jobs will be entered at a later date so we can prioritize those that are recruiting. If you have changed your mind and need to recruit for the Fall, please let Daniel Poulin ( know as soon as possible.

How do I switch the job to a different admin person?

  • E-mail Daniel Poulin ( with the name, job title, department and e-mail address of the person you'd like the jobs to connect to.

How do students apply?

  • The first thing any interested student needs to do is apply for Work Study approval. This is done in the same way and the same place that is been done in previous years. Information can be found on the Student Financial Service Work Study Introduction page. Students will not be able to apply for positions until they have Work Study approval so it is important they do this as soon as possible.
  • Students can browse postings by logging into using their single sign on and selecting “On-Campus Employment” from the left-hand menu.

What are the system's current a future features?

At the moment, the system can post jobs and collect applications. We will be implementing an "Offer" system in the next few weeks to simplify the employment offer process. We are also looking into ranking and shortlisting options as well. For the time being, when you are ready to make an employment offer, you'll need to do so directly with the candidate over e-mail.

How do I register a hired student with Student Financial Services?

Once you have made an employment offer and the student has accepted, you will need to submit a completed Confirmation of Employment (PDF) form to Student Financial Services as soon as possible. This form is what registers the student for the purposes of your departmental reimbursement. Please take a moment to review the Work Study Hiring Procedures and Work Study Payroll Procedures to ensure you follow the proper procedures.

I want to advertise my position on social media or in an e-mail. How do I direct students to the posting?

Here's a general blurb you can use we are actively working on a solution for direct links to a posting.

Fall 2018 Work Study Positions Now Open
Gain experience while working on campus: over 200 part-time jobs are seeking applications from qualified Work Study students.

To apply follow these steps:

  1. Apply for Work Study approval through Student Financial Services. You can’t apply for jobs without it!

  2. Once you get your approval via e-mail, login into using your UofG ID and click “On Campus Employment” to access the campus job board.

  3. Browse all available jobs or use the search tool.

  4. When you find a job you like, click “Apply” on the job posting and upload your cover letter, resume, and a copy of your Work Study approval e-mail.

Apply soon!  Most supervisors are reviewing applications, requesting interviews, and offering employment as applications come in, regardless of the position closing date.

Having difficulties? Contact us at

Experience Profiles

  • Alyssa graduated from University of Guelph having engaged in course-integrated experiential learning in the curriculum. Outside the classroom, she worked for Student Housing Services, the work study program and held an undergraduate research assistant position. 

  • Bayli graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in accounting. While she was here she engaged in multiple applied research projects, and worked as a teaching assistant, which helped her make important connections with people across campus.