Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Experiential Learning

Last updated: June 7, 2018


To increase the quality and quantity of experiential learning opportunities within the curriculum we will focus on providing support to staff and faculty members through course redesign, specifically targetting currciular support and innovations and expanding currciular offerings to new majors. 

Status and Timelines

Action Item   Start Time  End Time Status 
Conduct Labour Market Surveys for specific programs in Social Science October 2017 March 2018 Completed
Dedicate the 2018 Learning Enhancement Fund to experiential learning  January 2018 March 2018 Completed
Appoint educational developer and establish course redesign institute for EL in partnership with OpenEd November 2017 August 2018 Completed
Create new Co-op option in Food Industry Management and Marine and Freshwater Biology   January 2018 Summer 2018 Completed 
Develop WIL strategy for Master of Commerce program Summer 2018 Fall 2018 Completed
Dedicate the 2019 Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference to experiential learning  June 2018 July 2019 Completed


These initiatives are at the foundation of the University's Experiential Learning Strategy implementation, which began in October 2017. 

Experience Profiles