Applied Human Nutrition

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The AHN Major 

Our specialized major in Applied Human Nutrition will prepare students to help others improve their lives through better nutrition. Statistics show the powerful effect that diet has on our lives. It is estimated that 50 per cent of cancers are related to diet. Our choice of food can also dramatically influence our chance of heart disease. In total, nutrition is an important factor in 7 out of 10 deaths in this country. Our major embraces both the biological and social aspects of human nutrition. Students examine nutrition from a preventive, maintenance and therapeutic perspective.  Students will be eligible for $90,000 in awards and bursaries available to bachelor of applied science (B.A.Sc.) students. The Applied Human Nutrition major is accredited by the Dietitians of Canada and will prepare students to compete for a dietetic internship

The Learning Approach

From the behavioural foundation of our eating habits to the role of nutrients in our bodies, this major will give students a thorough understanding of all aspects of human nutrition. Lectures lay out the theoretical groundwork. Labs allow students to apply their knowledge and scientifically test these theories. Seminar courses support the social science component of the student's curriculum and allow for small group discussions to explore topics of interest. Students may also take a field placement course in nutrition education which gives them an opportunity to apply their learning in the community. Opportunities to conduct an undergraduate honours thesis are also available. Our goal is to ensure that students are at the centre of their learning experience.
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