Active Projects

FARE research encompasses a wide array of work. Here is an example of a thematic presentation of FARE related research on land use issues:

Land Use Policy Research at FARE:

FARE researchers conduct a broad range of work on a variety of issues related to land use in rural and urbanizing areas. This work is often undertaken through interdisciplinary research projects with colleagues in complementary disciplines across the university.

Research areas include:

  • Greenbelt & Farmland Preservation
  • Manure Management
  • Property Rights & Compensation
  • Rural Development
  • Urban Pressure & Spatial Measures
  • Watersheds & Wetlands
  • Wind Turbines & Alternative Energy

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Active FARE Projects
Title Project Leader Funding
Urban Pressure & Spatial Measures Deaton, Brady

OMAFRA: Sustainable Rural Communities Research Program

Urban-Rural Land Use: Greenbelt Project Deaton, Brady

Various Sponsors

Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy Research Network Meilke, Karl

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

The North American Agri-Food Market Integration Consortuim Network Meilke, Karl

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Economic Models for Policy Analysis in the Ontario Agri-Food Sector. Ker, Alan


Investigating the Effect of Climate Change on Crop Yields: Implications for Policy and Programs and Identifying Opportunities for Ontario's Agrifood Sector. Ker, Alan


Analysis of Dynamic Production Efficiency: The Case of Agribusiness Co-operatives in Canada. Hailu, Getu

SSHRC Standard Research Grant

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics Fox, Glenn

SSHRC-Aid to Scholarly Journals

Environmental Compliance Costs Fox, Glenn

Ontario Pork

Environment Network for Enabling Research - IPSOS Deaton, Brady

University of Alberta

Assessing the Impact of Food Safety & Quality Measures in Export Markets on Ontario's Agri-Food Sector. Henson, Spencer


Production Insurance Float Price Estimate Services Cranfield, John


Consumer Acceptance & Willingness To Pay For Eggs Cranfield, John

Poultry Industry Council

Economic and Community Capacity Fox, Glenn

Delta Waterfowl

Sustainable Pork Production Weersink, Alfons


Economic Effects Of Bioproduct Efforts On Ontario Agriculture Weersink, Alfons


Eval. Effects Of Nat. & International Agrifood Policies On Canada Meilke, Karl


International Seminar In Agricultural & Rural Development Henson, Spencer

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Elicitation Of Consumer Concerns Case Study Henson, Spencer

Health Canada

Enhancing Agribusiness Henson, Spencer

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Consumer Acceptability Of Functional Foods Henson, Spencer


Properties Of Novel Bioactive Peptides Henson, Spencer


Determinants Of Consumer Receptivity Henson, Spencer

Dairy Farmers of Canada

Analysis Of Consumer Demand For Pork Products Hailu, Getu

BDO Dunwoody - Grant In Aid

Economic And Community Capacity Analysis Of The Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) - Norfold County Pilot Fox, Glenn


Markets For Ecological Goods & Services Fox, Glenn

Farm Level Policy - APRN

Impact Of Ethanol Industry On Cattle Feed Costs Fox, Glenn

CORD, Beef Cattle Res. Council

Impact Of Ethanol Industry On Cattle Fox, Glenn

CORD, Agric. & Food Council Alberta

O.M.M.B. (Ontario Milk Marketing Board) Weersink, Alfons

Dairy Farmers Of Ontario

Genomic Profiling For Beef Quality Cranfield, John