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A recent article in the Western Producer pointed to the findings of FARE faculty Brady J. Deaton jr. and his father Brady J. Deaton of the University of Missouri that “the evidence from price data does not indicate a failure in the capacity of the Canadian food system to adapt to COVID-19.

The 2020 farmland values and rental survey are now available at;  here you can find rent/price information, articles, podcasts, and graphics addressing farmland rents and values since 2016. 

FARE faculty Mike Von Massow, in collaboration with Dairy at Guelph, hosted two panel discussions to help clarify what we know, don't know, and need to know about the recent controversies around the texture of butter and questions about palm-based feed supplements for cows.

Part1 : A primer on palm-based feeds in dairy nutrition and dairy food, with Alejandro Marangoni, John Cant, and Dave Kelton

This is the second conversation that Mike von Massow had with Chef Pam Fanjoy. The focus on Pam's culinary therapy program that provides both cooking skills and mental health and life skills support. She uses a kitchen as a context for an activity to help people relax and be somewhat distracted while dealing with broader issues.

Here is a new podcast episode -