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Hal Herzog, one of the world’s leading anthrozoologists, has been investigating the complex relationships we hold with animals for several decades. In his recent book “Some we love, some we hate, some we eat: why it’s so hard to think straight about animals”, Hal sheds some light on why we think about certain animals differently. It turns out that many of us are conflicted omnivores and that the human conditions when it comes to eating meat are universal.

Government, Industry and Academia shared views on current food and agricultural policy topics in 6 panel discussions, a Munk debate and one workshop.

FARE students won the poster competition and the Policy Brief competition.

As the global leader in the cultivation of insect protein, Entomo Farms has a new solution to healthy and sustainable foods. In this episode of the Food Focus Podcast we sat down with Jarrod Goldin, co-founder of Entomo Farms, to learn more about how a cricket farm works and about the health and environmental benefits of consuming insect protein. Follow this link to listen or else subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

Second Harvest is building an efficient food recovery network to achieve their goal of no waste, no hunger in Canada. In this episode Mike sat down with Lori Nikkel, CEO of Second Harvest, to learn more about where they started, how their focus has shifted and why Lori hopes to one day go out of business.

Much to carnivores’ disappointment, nutritional research has long suggested a link between increased red meat consumption and elevated disease risk. This was the status quo until a team of researchers recently released a controversial study suggesting this link may not be as strong as was once believed. Cue debate among researchers and widespread consumer confusion and frustration.

Dr. Yu Na Lee, Dr. Michael von Massow and Laura Stortz, Graduate Students are in the Guelph news -

Dr. Rakhal Sarker presents on Monday Dec. 4th in Session 4 with a presentation titled "Intra Industry Trade of Selected Agri-Food Commodities between Canada and the United States: Did NAFTA Make a Difference?"

Scott Biden, Research Associate and Dr.  Alan Ker present on Monday Dec. 4th in Session 5 with a presentation titled "Impacts of Trade Liberalization in Canada’s Supply Managed Dairy Industry ."

Link to Info on 2019 IATRC Annual Meeting

He's talking about "How come free trade isn't actually free?

See episode 11 on this list:

Dr. Brady Deaton is hosting Kenneth Poon on this podcast which can be viewed here -