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Letter to the editor

Sean Field

Dear Editor - In his Aug. 14 column "Fair-trade coffee far from a fair deal," Gene Callahan is right about a few things but rather sensationalist and off the mark on others.

He argues that fair trade is a poverty trap that lures small farmers in low-income countries away from better paying jobs. However, fair trade aims to help farmers already growing particular crops, not lure new farmers, and establish a price floor to help them maintain a minimum standard of living.

Guelph students swept the MSc and PhD thesis awards at the CAES meetings in Quebec City. Predrag Rajsic and Kate Tsiplova were co-recipients of the best MSc thesis award for 2007 and Richard Vyn won the PhD thesis award for 2005-2007. Congratulations Predrag, Kate and Richard!

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Retired professor and former Chair of the department, T.K. (Sandy) Warley received the Lincoln Alexander Medal of Distinguished Service at OAC's Convocation on Thursday, June 12th, 2008. This award honours an individual who has played a pivotal role in the functioning of the institution and who has influenced the quality of academic life at U of G. Professor Warley came to Guelph as Chair of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Education in 1970 and remains one of the strongest advocates for his discipline, OAC and the University.

Dr. Karl Meilke is speaking about "Rome meeting to urge nations to lift trade curbs and price controls to ease plight of poor".

Lisa Matheson, B.Comm (AGBU) is the recipient of this year's CAES Undergraduate Book Prize. She will be presented with a $100 cheque and a free CAES one-year student membership and journal subscription. Her name will also be included in the CAES Awards Banquet Program.

FARE Faculty continue to be quoted in the media. This time it is Dr. Andreas Boecker in the Globe and Mail speaking about "ORGANIC FOOD GOES GLOBAL BUT AT WHAT COST?".

Edward Olale, PhD Student in Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics, has recently been selected to receive a 2008-2009 OGS award. To be recommended for this award is a great honour as it is a very competitive process for Ontario students. This award is for one academic year, which may consist of two or three consecutive terms. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program is designed to encourage excellence in graduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels.