Apr 15th, 2021
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Apr 5th, 2021
A recent article in the Western Producer pointed to the findings of FARE faculty Brady J. Deaton jr. and his father Brady J. Deaton of the University of Missouri that “the...
Mar 23rd, 2021

Mar 18th, 2021


How damaged was agri-food trade between Canada and the U.S. under...
Mar 15th, 2021
The 2020 farmland values and rental survey are now available at onfarmlandsurvey.com;  here you can find rent/price information, articles, podcasts, and graphics addressing...
Mar 8th, 2021
FARE faculty Mike Von Massow, in collaboration with Dairy at Guelph, hosted two panel discussions to help clarify what we know, don't know, and need to know about the recent...
Feb 17th, 2021
This is the second conversation that Mike von Massow had with Chef Pam Fanjoy. The focus on Pam's culinary therapy program that provides both cooking skills and mental health and...
Feb 1st, 2021
Join in to listen to the conversation - https://www.tvo.org/video/the-pandemics-impact-on-farming-and-food
Jan 26th, 2021
This is the 50th episode of the Food Focus podcast. We're excited to hit this milestone and look forward to talking to many more people about a wide variety of issues related to...