Mar 5th, 2022
Mar 2nd, 2022
In this episode Mike speaks with Dr. Alfons Weersink, Professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics at the University of Guelph, about GHG emissions...
Feb 4th, 2022
There is considerable discussion about reducing emissions across the economy. Mike's guest this week suggests that there are real ways to reduce emissions from crop production...
Jan 31st, 2022
Jan 24th, 2022
Jan 19th, 2022
Mike's guest this episode is Lesley Kelly. Lesley talks about her farm, her path to farming, and her efforts through social media and blogging to help the broader public...
Jan 16th, 2022
Jan 1st, 2022
For many the word hemp is synonymous with cannibis. The truth, however, is that hemp is a plant that grows without THC (the pyshchoactive ingredient in cannibis) and has a wide...
Dec 13th, 2021
The pandemic has been tough on everyone but it has been especially tough on restaurants. While change for the industry was inevitable, this significant shock may catalyze some...
Dec 8th, 2021
from Dr. M. von Massow - https://www.foodfocusguelph.ca/post/does-food-inflation-matter-more-than-other-inflation