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Providing independent, credible, and timely policy analysis with respect to socially significant food and agricultural issues.

About The Institute

Alan Ker

The Institute for the Advanced Study of Food and Agricultural Policy is housed within the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, OAC, University of Guelph. Professor Alan Ker is the Director.

The mission of the Institute is to attract and educate competent students to food and agricultural economics. In addition, we provide independent, credible, and timely policy analysis with respect to socially significant food and agricultural issues. To that end, we host and co-host policy conferences, support FARETalk (podcast), support FAREShare (newsletter), provide commodity price forecasting, house efficiency benchmarking tools for producers, and finally develop and maintain commodity market models for "what if" policy analysis.

Upcoming Institute Events

Student Achievements

One of the primary drivers of the Institute is to attract and support students in the field of food and agricultural economics. On that note, we would like to congratulate Regan Artnz-Gray co-winner of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES) 2016 Outstanding Masters thesis award and Rebecca Eslkamp winner of the CAES 2016 Outstanding Dissertation award (awarded once every three years). Ms. Arntz-Gray's thesis was titled “Economic Implications of a Changing Yield Weather Relationship“. Ms. Elskamp dissertation was titled “Bidding Behaviour in Multi-Unit Auctions: Three Essays”. Both Regan and Rebecca received financial support from the Institute during their studies at Guelph.

FARE Talk Deaton

The FARE Talk initiative is the brainchild of Professor Deaton, where he interviews top scholars about issues of significant public interest.

FARE Share Newsletter


The FARE Share Newsletter's mission is to provide independent, credible, & timely policy analysis with respect to socially significant food & agricultural issues. FAREShare is edited by Professor Getu Hailu.

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Food and Agricultural Issues

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Current Working Papers

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NAFTA, Trump, and Trade

Recent Presentations

  • "Changing Climate, Technology, and Yield Volatilities", School of Agriculture and Food Science, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. March 2017
  • "The Fingerprint of Climate and Innovation on Yields", Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada, January 2017.
  • "Canadian Agricultural Public Policy: Trade, Climate Change, and Risk", Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. November 2016.
  • "Climate and Innovation Induced Yield Volatility", United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, Italy. November 2016.

Selected Published Papers

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