The 2018 Debate for the Menger-Walras Trophy was held on April 3, 2018

Debate Proposition:
“in connection with the exaggerated claims that used to be made in economics for the power of deduction and a priori reasoning – by classical writers, by Carl Menger, by the 1932 Lionel Robbins . . . ., by disciples of Frank Knight, by Ludwig von Mises – I tremble for the reputation of my subject.  Fortunately, we have left that behind us”.
Paul Samuelson, quoted by Mark Blaug (1992) The Methodology of Economics: or how economists explain” pp. 81-82.

Congratulations to this year's Winners of the debate, the opposing team -

Dr. Glenn Fox, Jamie Naylor (C), Emma Burger, Keping Li, Joseph Raymond, Yi Wang, Jamie Westover