Congratulations! FARE faculty Brady Deaton and co-authors have won the Outstanding Article Award of the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (CJAE).

Brady Deaton, McCain Family Chair in Food Security, won the Outstanding CJAE Article Award by the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES) with co-authors Alexander Scholz (MSc student, FARE) and Bethany Lipka (Research Associate, FARE)  for their paper, An empirical assessment of food security on First Nations in Canada.” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics.



Using data generated from surveys conducted on First Nations throughout Canada, we use regression analysis to examine factors influencing food insecurity. To our knowledge, this is the first time a regression-based analysis has been conducted to examine food insecurity on First Nations in Canada. As expected, income is inversely related to the likelihood that one reports their household as experiencing food insecurity. In addition, individuals in extremely remote areas are more likely to report their household as experiencing food insecurity. Although traditional food consumption is prevalent, we do not find evidence that it is associated with reductions in the prevalence of self-reported household food insecurity. We find that gender and mental health are associated with perceived household food insecurity. Although this study is novel, for reasons and limitations detailed in the paper, it should be viewed as an initial effort to establish potential relationships that underscore one of the most important issues facing Canada: the high prevalence of food insecurity in First Nations communities.

Analyses contained herein of data from the First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS) do not necessarily reflect the views of the First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC). 

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The Outstanding CJAE Article Award recognizes achievement in agricultural economics, resource economics and farm management for articles appearing in the journal of the Society, the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. All articles appearing in the journal and proceedings of the Society in the year preceding recognition are eligible for consideration.