FARE faculty Alfons Weersink appointed as Research Program Director for the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance

Today, Beverley Hale, U of G Associate Vice-President Research (Agri-Food Partnership) announced the appointment of two Research Program Directors. Dr. Weersink will cover Agri-Food and Rural Policy, Trade & Markets, Productive Land Capacity, and Strong Rural Communities. Dr. DeVries (Animal Biosciences) will support the research areas relating to Competitive Production Systems (Animals) and Animal Health & Welfare. Their contact information can be found on the Alliance webpage University of Guelph Research Program Directors.


Dr. Alfons Weersink is a Professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics. As an agricultural economist, much of Dr. Weersink’s work informs government, policy makers and producer organizations of the expected impacts of a particular proposed policy or practice. He also looks at the cost-effectiveness of farm level practices. Dr. Weersink’s expertise is widely recognized, as he was recently invited to Ottawa to testify to the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food in the House of Commons. There he shared important research that will help to shape effective public policy for Canadian agriculture.


With the appointments of Drs. Weersink and DeVries, the Alliance has a full complement of RPDs providing the vital leadership that researchers and Alliance staff rely upon to successfully deliver the Alliance Research Programs. Please join me in congratulating them.