Podcast "The War in Ukraine is Being Felt Across the Food System" with Dr. M. von Massow

The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster caused by an unjustifiable aggression by Russia. The world is focused, rightly, on the impacts on the Ukrainian people. There are, however, ripple effects of the disruption of the Ukrainian agricultural economy being felt across the world. Wheat exporting countries in North Africa and the Middle East will see shortages and significant price inflation. Countries like Argentina are constraining exports in an effort to keep food prices low for their urban populations. North American consumers will also feel the pinch, although likely less than some of those developing countries. There is the potential for benefit for North American wheat producers but there are some factors that may limit the gains. Mike speaks with Dr. Alfons Weersink about all of these factors to get a better understanding of the impact on the global food system of the war in Ukraine.