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Office: Department of Political Science, 5th Floor MacKinnon Bldg, University of Guelph, 50 Stone Road E, N1G 2W1

Mr. Iftekharul Haque

M.Sc. Graduate


Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics International Development Studies

Research Impact:

1)International trade 2)Food Security and Social Protection


2010-2012: Joint MSc in International Developmentg Studies; and Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics. Thesis Topic: Impact of exchange rate and agricultural commodity price volatilities on international trade in agriculture and food security. Funded by: Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy and Competitiveness Research Network (CATPRN) 2006-2007: M.A. in Asian Studies (Passed with distinction), Lund University, Sweden Thesis Topic: The Role of Social Capital and Community Based Organizations in Development for Rural Bangladesh. 2001-2005: BSS.Hons. in Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Featured Publications:

Johnson, Craig; Coirolo, Cristina; Commins, Steve; Haque, Iftekharul; Pierce, Gregory (Forthcoming). Climate Change and Social Protection in Bangladesh: Are existing programs able to address the Impacts of Climate Change?, Development Policy Review. Rahman, Atiur, & Haque, Iftekharul (2008). Food Inflation and Public Food Distribution System: A Closer Look at the Food Security of the Marginalized. Social Science Review, 25(1), 1-20. Ahmed, Mansur, & Haque, Iftekharul (2009). Bangladesh’s RMG Export to USA after Withdrawn of quota Restriction on China: Prospects and Concerns. Bangladesh Development Review, 27(1), 43-55. Monograph Ahmad, Alia, & Haque, Iftekharul (2011). Economic and Social Analysis of Primary Education in Bangladesh: A Study of BRAC Interventions and Mainstream Schools . Dhaka: BRAC. Rahman, Atiur, & Haque, Iftekharul (2009). National Budget and Social Safety Nets Programmes: Perspectives of the Marginalized. Dhaka: Shamunnay. Rahman, Atiur, & Haque, Iftekharul (2008). Food Security and Budget Perspectives of the Marginalized. Dhaka: Shamunnay and MJF. Book and Book Chapter Ahmad, Alia., Jyotishi, Amlendu, & Haque, Iftekharul (forthcoming). Community Management of Inland Open Water Fisheries in Bangladesh and India. Dhaka: Mollick Brothers. Rahman, Atiur, Alam, Muksudul, & Haque, Iftekharul (2008). Rights to social security of the persons with disabilities. Disability and Human Rights in Bangladesh (pp. 35-50). Dhaka: Action on Disability and Development (ADD). Research Report Ali, Zulfiqar, & Haque, Iftekharul (2010). Technical and vocational education and training institutions’ Financing in Bangladesh: Avenues of Reform. International Labour Organization (ILO), Dhaka. Raihan, Selim, Fatehin, Sohani, & Haque, Iftekharul (2008). Access to Land and Poverty in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific. Other Publications Raihan, Selim, & Haque, Iftekharul. (2009). 100 Days Employment Generation Programme: Some Critical Thoughts. Bangladesh Economic Outlook, Vol 2, No.1. Raihan, Selim, Ahmed, Mansur, & Haque, Iftekharul. (2008). Are official Estimates of Food Requirement Reliable? : A Short Note on Food Security in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Economic Outlook, Vol 1, No.3.